Parking & Ticket Policy

Please familiarize yourself with these important details about the Best of Texas ticketing and parking policy:

WORKING FARM & RANCH (SPECIAL NOTE): Grapetown Vineyard and Farm is also home to many exotic animals. There are Safari Wine Tours available for purchase that will give you the opportunity for a behind the scenes tour to meet Camels, Alpacas, Goats, Rheas, Blackbuck, Reindeer, Zebras and more! Tours are available throughout the day. They must be purchased in advance. Those who choose the 3PM tour will miss most of the polo match. Those who choose the 6PM tours will likely miss the farm to table dinner. Plan accordingly. These Safari Wine Tours are NOT included in the GA Pass, and must therefore be booked and purchased separately and in addition to any other passes. Get them directly from the farm at

HOT AIR BALLOON RIDES: These are tethered rides. Tethered rides are done to maximize safety and to allow for the maximum number of guests to take flight in a day (when conditions, winds allow). Why do we do tethered rides? Please remember, when a Hot Air Balloon takes flight, it is at the whim of the winds. Even a slight wind or gust can change the course of a Hot Air Balloon dramatically. The pilot therefore cannot control exactly where a Hot Air Balloon will land. Our 85 acre property is surrounded (as is the entire Texas Hill Country) by high fence and exotic game operations. Some of these private properties have exotic animals. Some of these exotics are dangerous. Furthermore, landing a Hot Air Balloon with guests in a 8 foot fenced ranch, not knowing what animals exist or having a plan to get out is a danger we will not allow our guests to engage in. Therefore, we do tethered rides ONLY.

CANCELLATION & REFUNDS: There are absolutely no refunds awarded under any conditions. ALL purchases and sponsorships are final. In the event of inclement weather the event will typically still be held at the same location. However, if the event is canceled for any reason (including weather), all ticket purchases will be credited toward a future event (which will be honored for up to two years). Please keep in mind that we pre-order food and plan the event according to the number of tickets sold, so there will be NO REFUNDS.

GUEST: All tickets are a revocable license. This is a private event, held on private property. Ticket holders are guests of the organizers and the property owner and can be expelled at any time, and for any reason. You are legally responsible for any damage. Please drive slowly and safely. If you plan on drinking please arrange for safe transport or bring a designated driver. The organizers may refuse admission to, or eject, any ticket holder who is deemed to be disorderly or who fails to comply with these terms or any and all security measures. This is a family event held on our family farm. We will not tolerate any inappropriate behavior. Ticket holder assumes all risks, including the risk of lost, stolen or damaged property or personal injury.

FOOD & DRINK: Food services will only run while and until supplies last. This includes all VIP Area, including food and drink.

PETS: Pets are welcome, but must be leashed and owners must clean up after pets. Pets are not allowed to go on the Safari Wine Tours.

PARKING: Pre-paid parking guaranteed on site. You must pre pay for parking to ensure admission. Handicap parking on site is available, but LIMITED – arrive early.

PHOTOS & VIDEO: Guests are encouraged to take videos and photos at the event, but must provide them to the event organizer if requested. The ticket holder will not transmit or aid in transmitting any picture, account or description (whether text, data or visual) in any media now or hereafter, for commercial gain without the explicit permission of the organizers.

TETHERED BALLOON RIDES: Soar above The Victory Cup with a tethered ride! A tethered hot air balloon ride gives attendees a taste of ballooning while being anchored down to the ground and never leaving the venue. A truly remarkable photo opp (when conditions, safety concerns and winds allow)! Tethered Rides are an ‘Add On’ and in addition to your pass option. If you purchase a Tethered Ride, you still must purchase a pass to the event. Again, to be clear, all passengers (including kids) who want a Tethered Balloon Ride must purchase a tethered ride pass. Due to safety concerns, all Hot Air Balloon activations are extremely weather sensitive and may be postponed or canceled due to weather and safety. There are no refunds. Rides last approximately 5 minutes. Passenger weight is limited to 275 lbs. per person. Most balloons can carry 3-8 people at a time. Larger groups will be split onto multiple rides. Tethered rides (once purchased) are first come, first serve and will take place (if conditions and winds allow) around sunset, please check the updated schedule on Facebook or on this website for updated times. You can also watch winds and conditions on your Weather App. Generally speaking, Hot Air Balloons are unsafe in anything over 5-7 MPH. Therefore, to protect all guests safety, times are subject to change based on weather and safety conditions. Balloon rides activate according to the dictates of the weather. We simply cannot launch balloons in unsafe conditions. What may seem like a beautiful day on the ground can be dangerous for ballooning even 40 feet up. If you are coming for Hot Air Balloons only, do not arrive until 6PM the earliest. Be patient and enjoy the larger event.

Parking & Ticket Policy

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